'Nuclear Shop-a-Docket Storytale' 2014

This print, entitled 'Nuclear Shop-a-Docket Storytale' attempts to tell a warped tale through the medium of 'Shop-A-Dockets'. This particular tale is the lifestlyle of a town gripped in a 1960's apocalyptic nuclear catastrophe. Inspired by the book 'Discovering Scarfolk' by Richard Littler, my fragmented little story gives tiny insights into just a few of the home comforts, media & government insecurities and health and lifestyle necessities born of such a tragic situation. This giclee print will be available in January through ArtBoy Gallery, Melbourne, Australia -- www.artboygallery.com.au 'Nuclear Shop-a-Docket Storytale' 2014 Giclée print on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 59cm x 84cm

The following images are close ups of the individual shop-a-dockets.
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