Backpack Zac children's storybook

Children's storybook written by Andrew Fairlam & Emelia Hayati. Illustrated by Richard Walker.

In 2014, I was asked to design and illustrate a childrens book by two up and coming children's writers, Andrew Fairlam & Emelia Hayati. The book was designed as a series that revolved around a young boy called Zac who was given a magical backpack that allows him to teleport to locations around the world. His adventures take him to various cultural events and celebrations from around the globe allowing him to experience them first hand. 
This presentation takes you through the entire design process from creating the main character, mocking up the storyboard, sketching the illustrations and then a look at the final storybook.
Character ideation sketches
Digital character sketches
Designing the facial look and feel.
Playing with belt buckle designs and firming up facial expressions.
Designing Zac's clothing options.
Quick sketches to indicate the story flow page by page.
Sketches for some of the individual illustrations needed for the story.
Approved designs for the book's logo.
Selected spreads from the finished storybook.
Backpack Zac & the Dancing Dragon is available for purchase from the Backpack Zac webstore, Novella Distribution
and Wheelers Bookstore. Or you can visit him on Facebook.
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